‘Falling in love…’

‘Falling in love’ and ‘Head over heels in love’. . . What ridiculous descriptions for the feeling of love! The word ‘falling’ suggests dropping, lack of control, injury. “Head over heels’ evokes images of disorientation. I suggest that these colloquial usages would be more accurately descriptive if stated as: ‘Falling in cathexis and ‘head over […]

What nonesense, child…!

What eight or nine year old child can’t wait for bed-time? I couldn’t. The eldest of eight children, my life was always crammed with activities and noise. Until I tucked my blanket around my skinny body at bed-time and closed my eyes. Oh, and then, the stories I told myself! I was transported to international […]

You’re so write, Mr Orwell. . .

In the middle of a sleepless night, it occurred to me that the urge to write, write, write with which I am plagued, is egotism. Lo and behold, I very shortly afterwards came across a comment by the legendary George Orwell… “Why I write . . . sheer egotism. Desire to seem clever, to be […]

The Writer’s Eye

As a child I was always fascinated by people to the point of being morbidly curious. One of the adults I happen to be with, be it at a resturant or any other public place, would grip my arm and hiss in my ear, “Stop staring…” I would rub my arm, look up accusingly before […]

I am a writer…

How frustrating when you reach the stage of life when dreams become a convoluted reality! From my earliest memory (well, at least once I learnt how to string words together so that they made sense – at about 6 years old?) I have always felt the urge to write down how I felt. Rantings about […]

So you think you can write

Hi Folks, I wonder how many of you can string words together so that a vivid, compelling picture is painted in the imagination of the reader? And if you can I wonder what good it will do you? People in general don’t seem to read the volumes of books they used to twenty years ago. […]

Her Mother’s Daughter (Volume 1)

Book Description Publication Date: November 14, 2012 Her dream is to emulate her famous artist mother. It is more than a dream. It’s an obsession. She wants nothing more from life…until she meets the man who is to become her benefactor and the object of her desire…a desire that soon supercedes even her lifelong ambitions. […]


Book Description Publication Date: June 3, 2013 Lovely Lara. Cool, composed and gently bred. She never anticipated that the promise she made to her dying mother would have such devastating consequences. Nor would she have imagined herself chained by a rampant physical desire; that she was capable of loving one man, yet at the same […]