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Hi there!
Ever since I can remember, way back in Standard 6 (Grade 8 in today’s terminology), when I won first prize for an essay, I have always wanted to write. Actually, ‘wanted’ is the incorrect verb. I have always needed to write. The need has been constant all my life, whether anyone was interested in reading what flowed, first from my pen, then from the keyboard, was never a primary issue with me.
Of course, only an idiot would pour their time and creative juices into an article or story and not hope to be financially rewarded, and I have been, from time to time. Still, my driving force was the inner conviction that I was a great writer – if only the reading public would acknowledge it sooner rather than later!
However, Society demanded that I pay off my Bond, educate my three children and put food on the table.
So I ended up in the Commercial world, churning out business emails and reigning in my constant inclination to cross the line between fact and fiction.
“Her Mother’s Daughter” is my first attempt at a novel and then “Lara”. I am currently busy with “Cassidy” (the name is subject to change).


Lovely Lara. Cool, composed and gently bred.

She never anticipated that the promise she made to her dying mother would have such devastating consequences.

Nor would she have imagined herself chained by a rampant physical desire; that she was capable of loving one man, yet at the same time, lusting after another.

And it was just as well that she never, ever, was visited with an inkling that she would have to deal with the reality of a vicious murder.

Joel Ruperto, self-made millionaire, macho in looks and manners, he hailed from impoverished beginnings. Joel didn’t do cool, composed and gently bred females. But he never could resist a woman in need.

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10353_142081145942196_631856566_nHer Mother’s Daughter

From the simmering coastline of the Eastern Cape to the bushveld of Mphumalanga where wild animals roam free, Keri follows her dream; an obsession really, to emulate her mother’s fame as a world renowned artist. She knows she has her mother’s talent but is afraid that she has very little of her genius.

Fortuitously, after years of struggling, she finds a benefactor, a wealthy widower with a teenage daughter. He comes to mean more to her than merely a vehicle to achieve her goal in life..

She grows to desire this man with a need that equals her lifelong artistic ambitions.

Beautiful, intelligent and talented, he cannot resist her physical appeal. But will he grow to love her as she so desperately needs him to? And what of the secret she carries? A secret that could destroy his peace of mind and any love for her that may be kindling in his cynical heart?

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