Money, money, money…

Money, money, money…
It’s a rich man’s world. So Abba crooned more than twenty years ago.
How true!
Poverty stares us in the face every day.
Over time we experience a gauntlet of emotions: Compassion; Guilt; Resentment; Anger; Helplessness.
And finally, detachment. And some detachment is not bad. Afterall, can we really change the world by tearing our emotions to ribbons?
Rather, we can regard our money as an extension of our spirituality. We can in small ways support vendors at robots; we can keep a supply of non-perishable food and hand them to beggars that approach us – never money; we can contribute to a favourite charity.
Imagine if every person who enjoys earning a regular income could regard their money as an extension of their spirituality! We could go a long way towards alleviating the intractable poverty and starvation of our planet.
Money doesn’t have to be the root of all evil. It can be collectively uplifting if used in the right way.

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  1. Angela Somerville July 29, 2016 at 10:37 am #

    I agree. But it’s not difficult to become desensitised to the needs of beggars when they cause a danger to traffic flow and can sometimes be quite threatening.

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