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Riding the waves…

Holding on to a rubber dingy Riding the waves In the deepest ocean You soar And then plunge Down, down into a dark place You cannot see the Light Despair threatens your soul But you struggle Reaching for the Light Life will not surrender Unseen currents swirl you in their vortex Miraculously upwards You break […]

Colour your soul

It has been discovered that colour is an energy and that each colour has its own energy. If you know how to tap into the concept, colour can help you to reach your full potential as a human being. This is how it can be done: RED – relates to Commitment ORANGE – relates to […]

Money, money, money…

Money, money, money… It’s a rich man’s world. So Abba crooned more than twenty years ago. How true! Poverty stares us in the face every day. Over time we experience a gauntlet of emotions: Compassion; Guilt; Resentment; Anger; Helplessness. And finally, detachment. And some detachment is not bad. Afterall, can we really change the world […]

Robin Williams…

Robin Williams and Joan Rivers die and the world goes on with barely a hiccup. Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson too. At the times of their deaths we hear eulogies about how they will always be remembered. Rubbish! We may smile nostalgically if we happen to be watching an old interview or past performance on […]

Dear Mom …

Your eyes, now almost sightless, Heavy-lidded as you struggle to recognise the shadowy shapes before you, Were once bright and sparkling with the love of life. Eyes, the mirror of the mind reflect your confusion; your anxiety; your fear-filled isolation. Your limbs, once strong. Once able to care for eight children Are now weak and […]

The Journey

On the journey of life, the first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. Don’t waste any precious moments crying over the past. Jettison it all. Clean out the attic of your mind. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived and may never. Live in the NOW. An excellent […]

Destination – death.

How many times have you heard the phrase, ‘Life’s a Journey’? Well, it is. There are routes from which to choose, mountains to climb and potholes to navigate around. At times, sinkholes to struggle out of. The very first sentence in one of M Scott Peck’s best selling novels, I think it was The Road […]

A dream.

I drive past them every morning on my way to work. A man walking steadily up the long incline. Ahead of him is a young boy struggling to push the pedals of his bicycle. The boy could be eight or nine years old. Although the boy is always dressed appropriately for the prevailing weather – […]

Memorable read.

There is one book that has stuck in my mind over the years, probably because I was so young when I first read it. It is a semi-autobiographical novel about a sixteen year old girl who retreats from reality into the threatening kingdom in her mind. It tells of her stay in a mental asylum, […]

What nonesense, child…!

What eight or nine year old child can’t wait for bed-time? I couldn’t. The eldest of eight children, my life was always crammed with activities and noise. Until I tucked my blanket around my skinny body at bed-time and closed my eyes. Oh, and then, the stories I told myself! I was transported to international […]