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Riding the waves…

Holding on to a rubber dingy Riding the waves In the deepest ocean You soar And then plunge Down, down into a dark place You cannot see the Light Despair threatens your soul But you struggle Reaching for the Light Life will not surrender Unseen currents swirl you in their vortex Miraculously upwards You break […]

Colour your soul

It has been discovered that colour is an energy and that each colour has its own energy. If you know how to tap into the concept, colour can help you to reach your full potential as a human being. This is how it can be done: RED – relates to Commitment ORANGE – relates to […]

Money, money, money…

Money, money, money… It’s a rich man’s world. So Abba crooned more than twenty years ago. How true! Poverty stares us in the face every day. Over time we experience a gauntlet of emotions: Compassion; Guilt; Resentment; Anger; Helplessness. And finally, detachment. And some detachment is not bad. Afterall, can we really change the world […]

Plan for a better South Africa

Plan for a better South Africa by Dawie Roodt • Start a process where all civil servants are required to reapply for their jobs. And only re-employ on merit, not by virtue of contacts, favours, social requirements or nepotism. • Establish a world class skills development system (education) immediately to support a growing and thriving […]

The After Life?

Life after Death.Is there such an existence? After you have breathed your last breath,is that IT? Does your entire identity; your mind and your soul blank out for all eternity and fade into oblivion? I can’t believe that. I won’t believe that. On his death bed Carl Sagan said: “I don’t know where I’m going, […]

The shadows lengthen…

The shadows lengthen and the darkness comes The busy world is hushed and the fever of life is over Your work is done But the imprint of your Love is indelibly stamped On all the generations that follow – More than one hundred of us! You will leave a legacy of unconditional Love In this […]

The ego…

“The ego” (or injured feelings) “is the false self – born out of fear and defensiveness” John O’Donohue – Irish poet, author, priest and philosopher. God save us from our Egos.

Robin Williams…

Robin Williams and Joan Rivers die and the world goes on with barely a hiccup. Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson too. At the times of their deaths we hear eulogies about how they will always be remembered. Rubbish! We may smile nostalgically if we happen to be watching an old interview or past performance on […]

Help me!

Help me to understand humanity. Help me to understand the total disregard for the mystical phenomenon loosely termed as ‘Life.’ The breathing, beating, intricately fashioned outer shell that houses the unfathomable potential of the spirit. That with a single blow, or even an unkind word or action, can rent and scar and even kill. Have […]

Dear Mom …

Your eyes, now almost sightless, Heavy-lidded as you struggle to recognise the shadowy shapes before you, Were once bright and sparkling with the love of life. Eyes, the mirror of the mind reflect your confusion; your anxiety; your fear-filled isolation. Your limbs, once strong. Once able to care for eight children Are now weak and […]